Thursday, September 8, 2016


Today we made collographs, a print made from gluing three dimensional objects to a base. We created cardboard printing plates. The students cut out their own designs, glued them on a cardboard base, and used paint to create a print.

The younger students used adhesive foams shapes instead, as cutting cardboard can be a little difficult.

This is a great art project to do at home when the recycling gets full or you have too many leftover Amazon boxes from buying all of those books you just had to have for homeschool this year! If you'd like to see how a professional artist creates a collograph, check out this website.

The students also got some time to work in the sketchbooks they decorated last week. Today's sketchbook challenge was to invent their own animal.
While shirts seemed to stay a little cleaner today, please remember to send your child in play clothes. Art can be messy business!

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