Saturday, November 12, 2016

Printmaking with Mixed Media

 This week we worked with foam printing plates again, but instead of using paint, the students colored them with water soluble oil pastels (you can find the brand on my Pinterest Favorite Art Supply board. The link is on the right)
 After painting the plate with water, the students printed the background.

 They used oil passes or colored pencils to create a foreground, and next week they will be using collage to add characters to their foreground.
 The younger students explored painting with the oil pastels. First they created a city scene using Sharpie markers.
 Next they colored it in with oil pastels.
Finally, they used water to activate the oil pastels and give the picture a painted look.

You can find more examples of work from this week on our Instagram feed, @thursdayart. You can also find some student drawings inspired by this sketchbook prompt:

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