Friday, October 16, 2015

Mythical Beasts and Negative Space

Yes, we are still in Ancient Greece and today we covered a popular subject - mythical creatures! The older students learned about the various types of dragons, creatures and beasts in Greek mythology, while the youngest students were told the story of Perseus' rescue of Andromeda. Being a former ancient history teacher, it's a topic I love, and I have vivid memories of discovering the D'Aulaires' book in the school library and devouring it in fourth grade. It's still my favorite Greek mythology book for children.

I also introduced the concepts of line and negative space. The students began a project combining their own mythical beast with line work in the negative space (pictures next week). The younger students often resisted working with the negative space (a hard visual concept developmentally) and chose to focus on their beast, which is fine. The older students took to the task and will be completing their pictures next week.

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