Friday, October 2, 2015

Pre-Break Wrap Up

Today was our wrap up day for projects. Some of the students were still working on their mosaics, and some worked on an oil pastel guided drawing of a sea creature.

The students used one of my favorite supplies, water soluble oil pastels. Once the pieces were colored, the students used plain water to blend the colors and create a water effect around the creatures. 

The 7-8 class used view finders for their sketchbook warm-up. The frames help the students to focus on details, and draw what they actually see as opposed to their preconceived idea of what the animal should look like. There were some amazing drawings!

I am STILL collecting newspapers and toilet/paper towel rolls for future projects. We will be continuing with ancient Greece for a few more classes, with mythical creatures and Greek theatre masks still to come! 

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